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  • [HERB] Lemon Balmkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 02:32:03 click´╝Ü60

    Use lemon scented leaves in teas, potpourris. Lemon balm is valued as a culinary, cosmetic and medicinal herb. Use fresh sprigs to top drinks and as garnishes on salads and main dishes. The fresh or dried leaves make a great cold or hot te...

  • [HERB] Dillkeywords´╝ÜDill date´╝Ü2016-01-07 02:13:14 click´╝Ü194

    Seeds flavor pickles; leaves enhance salads, soups, omelets and vegetables. Use seeds to flavor pickles and the leaves to brighten salads, soups, omelets and vegetables. Likes full sun. Plant seeds or plants outside after all danger of fro...

  • [HERB] Chiveskeywords´╝ÜChives date´╝Ü2016-01-07 01:55:28 click´╝Ü101

    Cut leaves for salads, potatoes, soups. Customer Favorite! Customer favorite! Perennial in Zones 3-10. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost. We searched the world to find the best organic seedBurpee fully guarantees that n...

  • [HERB] Chervilkeywords´╝ÜChervil date´╝Ü2016-01-07 01:21:04 click´╝Ü150

    Finely cut leaves for subtle seasoning. Great addition to soups, fish, vegetables, cheese dishes and herb butter. Start first indoors or outdoors after danger of frost. Sun: Full Sun Height: 20 inches Days to Maturity: 120 days Sowing Meth...

  • [HERB] Chamomilekeywords´╝ÜChamomile date´╝Ü2016-01-07 01:16:27 click´╝Ü182

    Use small white daisies in potpourris, tea and hair rinses. Use in brewing tea, making perfumes or hair rinses. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost. Sun: Full Sun Height: 2-3 feet Days to Maturity: 60-90 days Sowing Metho...

  • [HERB] Catnipkeywords´╝ÜCatnip date´╝Ü2016-01-07 01:06:02 click´╝Ü143

    Favorite of cats. Green leaves are good for tea. Cats go crazy for this easy-to-grow plant. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost. Sun: Full Sun, Part Sun Height: 18 inches Days to Maturity: 80-90 days Sowing Method: Indoor...

  • [HERB] Lavandula angustifoliakeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 00:51:44 click´╝Ü82

    Common Name: English lavender Type: Herbaceous perennial Family: Lamiaceae Zone: 5 to 8 Height: 1.00 to 1.50 feet Spread: 1.00 to 1.50 feet Bloom Time: June to August Bloom Description: Deep purple Sun: Full sun Water: Dry to medium Mainte...

  • [HERB] Boragekeywords´╝ÜBorage date´╝Ü2016-01-06 23:13:08 click´╝Ü102

    Young leaves for salads and lemonade. With its blue, star-shaped flowers, borage makes a lovely ornamental. Its young leaves have a refreshing, mild cucumber-like fragrance and traditionally been used in salads and lemonade. The flowers ca...

  • [HERB] Basil Sweetkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 23:09:12 click´╝Ü52

    This is the classic basil. Customer Favorite! Sweet basil is ideal for tomato sauces, pestos and salads. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost. Sun: Full Sun Height: 12-18 inches Days to Maturity: 60-90 days Sowing Method:...

  • [HERB] Eucalyptus leaveskeywords´╝ÜEucalyptus l date´╝Ü2016-01-05 19:56:57 click´╝Ü183

    Evergreen shrub, a period of one year old leaves off the phenomenon of periodic. Most of the species are tall trees, a small number of small trees, a shrub like little. The crown shape has a tip shape, branched and hanging chandelier etc.....

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