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  • [PLANT] Which Kinds of Flowers Are Right for You?keywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 18:47:45 click´╝Ü78

    .Your aesthetic preferences will be a big part of choosing the kinds of flowers youll grow, but before you go pickin the prettiest flowers, consider the following Your growing space - Almost all flowers prefer well-drained, fertile soil an...

  • [PLANT] Staking and Guy-Wiringkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 12:19:29 click´╝Ü76

    Young trees should be able to support their own weight, but when they are transplanted, they often need time to reestablish themselves. Also, many nurseries plant their trees very close together to maximize use of space and stake them to p...

  • [PLANT] Wrapping and Pruningkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 12:12:55 click´╝Ü198

    Wrapping Wrapping refers to the technique of winding a crepe-type paper around the barks of trees. Generally speaking, you only need to consider doing this in the northern United States and Canada to prevent the sun-scalding of thin-barked...

  • [PLANT] Transplanting Treeskeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 12:07:28 click´╝Ü137

    There is always danger in moving plant material from one location to another. Root material is sacrificed, and depending on the previous state of the plant, this can be a severe stress. If necessary, it is possible to transplant trees from...

  • [PLANT] Types of Treeskeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 11:58:23 click´╝Ü79

    Balled and Burlapped Container- Grown Bare Root T rees purchased from wholesale and retail nurseries and garden supply stores generally come in one of three forms: Balled and Burlapped The roots of the tree and the ball of soil containing...

  • [PLANT] When to Plant Treeskeywords´╝ÜPlant Trees date´╝Ü2016-01-07 11:54:13 click´╝Ü121

    Climate plays a deciding role when determining the appropriate planting time. Newly planted trees do best when exposed to moderate temperature and rainfall and they need time to root and acclimatize before the onset of intense heat and dry...

  • [PLANT] How to Plant a Treekeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-07 11:46:43 click´╝Ü104

    W hile planting each of these different types of trees differs in the details, all trees eventually end up in a hole. But not any old hole will do. The most common mistake when planting a tree is a digging hole, which is both too deep and...

  • [PLANT] How to Plant Zinnia?keywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 22:37:18 click´╝Ü160

    Planting Zinnias are grown from seed; they grow very quickly in the right conditions. Zinnias do not like to be transplanted. Full sun is essential wiht a minimum daylight temperature of 60 degrees F. Zinnias are adaptable but prefer ferti...

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